OwlookApp Update — August 2021

Dear OWLOOK community !

The past time has been really difficult for us when we received a shock about the local Covid pandemic. And now, everything seems to have started to be okay again. We come to you today with an exciting update to our project.

In the coming time, we will continuously launch new features as in our plan, and will strengthen the Marketing campaign to let more people know about our Owlook.

Rug Check

Rug Check will initial assessment for a token qualifies or is a Scam. Currently, it can scan Smart Contract Tokens, Check Honeypot, Check Owner, and TOP Holders, and more testing functions, such as community check of the code, check the list of Coingecko/Coinmarketcap…etc

RugCheck function will also be added to Top Gainers/Losser, it will help investors to detect Pumped but fraudulent tokens. And will also add filtering function, removing Scam codes from our Top Gainers.

Swap Features

Now you can trade on Owlook.App.

Enjoy it!

What’s coming next?

Another special feature also coming soon, it’s portfolio management, we built a server and now you can view and get reports Real-time profit/loss without worrying about losing data every time you reset the browser.

And there will be a lot of new features, patches and better upgrades in the near future, we have been working every day to bring the Best of Trading Tool that can help you achieve your goals position in the market.

On behalf of the Owlook team, I would like to thank the community, for always accompanying us, and supporting us.
I hope, get more of your support to take Owlook to the next level.
Best regards.

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