Dear OWLOOK community !

The past time has been really difficult for us when we received a shock about the local Covid pandemic. And now, everything seems to have started to be okay again. We come to you today with an exciting update to our project.

In the coming time…

We’re excited to announce the community partners between Owlook.App and BerryData, a transparent community-verified price oracle on Binance Smart Chain. Owlook.App and Berry Data will work together on technology development.

About BerryData

Berry Data is a transparent community-verified price oracle on BSC(Binance Smart Chain). Berry Data provides a trustless and decentralized alternative…

Dear Owlook.App community !

Owlook.App has been working hard to make sure we bring the community what is needed.We are very grateful for the amount of support and enthusiasm we have received leading up to our product.

We are delighted to officially announce the beginning of the whitelisting process for OwlookApp Public Sale.

What is Owlook.App ?


Dear OwlookApp community !

We want to thank all of you for your patience. It has been a tremendous journey and we think your perseverance will be greatly rewarded.


  • Improve layout on mobile
  • Whale Watch
  • Mobile Token Explorer
  • Wallet/Watch List
  • Token Explorer layout optimization , Optimize search function.
  • New features : Search, Filter, Top Gainers

What’s coming next?

Subscription system launch .We will soon make an announcement on OWLOOK.APP for premium holders.

Thank you for your love and support for the OwlookApp. Please pay attention to the official announcement .

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OwlookApp — Brings you the best experience on the Decentralized Finance

In this article, we wanted to talk about tokenomics

What is OwlookApp ?

An app that provides info about all Binance Smart Chain, transactions, token, liquidity that aims at supercharging your trading experience on the decentralized markets
OwlookApp equips traders with reliable and up-to-date…


Brings you the best experience on the Decentralized Finance

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